Renegade Weekend Website


> How to write powerful web-ready copy that actually gets a client’s attention

> How to stop sounding like everyone else and connect with your own authentic message, movement, and way of writing that speaks to your core audience

> To get clear on how you want to communicate your products and services

> How to get your web copy written and launched

December 13-14, 2014

Most importantly, you’ll walk away with copy that truly reflects who you are,
attracts the customers you want and starts making you money.

When it comes to your website,
mosts businesses fall into one of three categories:




You’ve just started your business
(Or you’ve been in business for some time now). You’ve got your name, your logo, business cards, and letterhead. You’ve got just about everything. Except your website.

You’ve got a website.
It’s uninspiring. It flat out bores YOU. You fear that doctor’s will give it to patients instead of a sleeping pill. You shudder when someone asks you for a card. You preface every conversation with "I have a website, but it’s terrible."

You don’t have a website.
You desperately want to write it, but the added stress of not only having to write it, but knowing what content actually needs to go on it

Are you in category 1, 2, or 3, somewhere in between,
or maybe a funky mutant version I didn’t even mention?

Let me be a bit more blunt. If you relate to these stories it’s very
likely you’re not making the money in your business that you want.

Which kind of sucks. Seriously. Because you’re awesome. You’ve got these mad skills to share with the world, and you know there’s a lot of folks out there who need your help. And it’s kind of pissing you off that your site (or lack of it), is keeping you from connecting with the very people who need what you got to offer.

Every moment you don’t have a website up, your business is losing money. Every day you have the wrong message on your current website, you are losing money.

I've Been
There Myself

I remember when I was first starting out my business and needed to write my own website copy. I thought it would be a breeze. After all, I had spent years writing websites for corporations and multi-million dollar brands.

Yet, when it came time to sit down and write my personal site, I became paralyzed. Writing a website for myself was an entirely different game than writing for a big faceless entity. I asked myself...

• What information do I want to give?

• What is most pertinent?

• What do people want to know?

• Do people care about my personal story?

• Do they care about what I care about?

• Do I need a blog?

• Should I put in video?

After years of working on high profile projects, I had seduced myself into thinking my site needed all the bells and whistles to get attention. I wasted 2 months thinking that way.

I came to recognize that a good site needs to follow a very logical progression. It needs to tell a story, so that each section flows into the next in an orderly fashion. It needs simplicity and a cohesive message.

Armed with this new realization, I wrote my website. Pretty quickly, actually. All I did was tell my story honestly and share my "mess" (Embarrassing, brutal honesty: I wrote the landing page of my site while getting a FORCED pedicure by my wife. In that moment, away from my computer, inspiration hit). I did some editing, then threw it up online.

Then something awesome happened.

People liked my site. A LOT. And it wasn’t just family and friends who were obligated to say nice things. It was complete strangers, too. I started getting business because I told a captivating story, had clearly explained why my service was valuable, and more importantly, why I was the person to deliver that service.

Sign Me Up


My website has served me very, very well, and helped me build a multiple 6-figure business.

So here’s the fun part: Now that I know how websites work, I’d like to share my easy, step-by-step process with you.

I’m going to go a little renegade and say that writing your website is a lot easier than you think it is. In fact, I think you can do it in just ONE weekend. You just need the right resources. You need a RENEGADE like me.

It's Right Now
You know that perfect moment
you’ve been waiting for?


Before I tell you all about the program... Matthew Goldfarb

One of the things I teach about writing website copy is that you need to tell your own story and build some trust before you try to sell someone.

So here goes...

For those of you who haven't "met" me yet, my name is Matthew Goldfarb. I’ve been a professional copywriter for over thirteen years. I broke into the industry writing television commercials for Mr. T, and have worked in every realm of advertising and copy communications.

I’ve created award-winning television and print ads, crafted e-mail and web banner campaigns, written websites, brochures, direct marketing pieces, and helped launch new brands. I’ve worked for companies of every size...


Matt & Mr. T

From large corporations to businesses of one. I pride myself on my ability to understand what my clients' needs are, to understand their marketing goals, to connect to their specific and unique message, and then translate it into language and copy that helps promote their story.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve begun speaking publicly and teaching others my process for writing copy. It is my belief that everyone has the ability to write; they just need to undo the "rules" (and the fears that come with those rules) that they were taught long ago.

Renegade Weekend website will

  •  Teach you how to create a powerful story that draws prospects in
  • Help you understand the true purpose of a website as it relates to your business
  • Show you how to create your “movement” to hypnotically connect with you audience
  • De-mystify the process of writing copy
  • Help remove fears of putting your words to paper
  • Help you save money & time by turning you into your own copywriter
  • Put you on auto-pilot with a structured step-by-step approach
  • Teach you how to create impactful & inspiring messaging
  • Save time & brain power
  • Leave you with web-ready copy that can ... stand out!

And Now for the Particulars:

The Renegade Weekend Website will take
place on December 13-14, 2014


Here’s what you get when you sign up for the
Renegade Weekend Website:


Content Presentations

All webinars will be recorded and available for download as a video, mp3, and PDF

7 Curriculum Presentations

(Approximately 6 hours of content) In each call I’ll cover one "chapter" of my Corporate Renegade Website Template plus give you Q&A time.

Lessons include:

• Website 101
• Home Page
• “Movement”
• About You
• How I work
• Services & Products
• Testimonials/Blogs/Contact

Webinar Slides and Playback

If you're a visual learner, my new webinar component will feature content slides to help deepen your understanding. You'll not only HEAR me talk about the things you need to do to fix your website, you'll also get to SEE and WATCH my LIVE presentation.

Over 7 hours of Q&A Time

Because I know you’ll have a LOT of questions, I’ve set this program up to allow for a ton of Q&A time. This includes time for questions after each lesson, after each writing assignment, plus two 1-hour and a half Q&A sessions!      

6 Renegade Writing Time Sessions

This is why you’re taking this course. Most of you don’t have the TIME you need to get your website done.  There’s always something else that gets in the way. This course is designed to give you time after each curriculum call to write. No excuses. Then you come right back and we’ll address any issues that came up during that time.

Website Template

You get the "Matt-Libs" Plug and Play template to help you stay organized with your copy.

Some Pre-Class Bonus Goodies To Get You Started:

The Renegade Website Questionnaire
($197 value)

This questionnaire will help you start thinking about how you want to talk about yourself, your business, your "movement" and your products & services. It’ll help you come to class prepared.

Squeeze page overview
($197 value)

Your squeeze page is one of the most important pages on your site. In this bonus session I’ll share with you why you need one, how you should set one up, and what type of killer lead magnet (or freebie) is best likely to attract your ideal client.

Ready to Write Mindset mp3 Download
($147 value)

I realized that many of my students were scared to even think about writing. This was because so many of them had created "rules" in their minds about how one should write and what good writing looks like. I ended up devoting an entire lesson to undoing these rules, and this call is an outgrowth of that lesson. This mp3 is meant to be listened to PRIOR to starting the class and will help you get in the right mindset to write.

SEO Cheat Sheet
($47 value)

While great content is essential for your site, understanding what SEO is (Search Engine Optimization) and how it can help drive traffic to your site is essential to understand. We give you a cheat sheet to help you improve your chances of getting noticed by Google and other search engines.

The weekend website facebook forum

It dawned on me that the best people to ask about whether your copy works are your own peers. That’s why I’m setting up a Facebook forum for you to meet and great your other weekend website peeps. You can ask questions, see if something works, and get feedback. I’ll be dropping by from time to time too to provide some insight.

Designing for Renegades
($97 value)

In addition to great content, you’ll want a great design. I’ve bribed my own Renegade designer to create a short lesson on some designing basics that will help you create a look and feel that matches the killer copy you create.

And some special goodies just

for those of you ready to act right now!

A free 45-minute
private 1-on-1
copy hot-seat with me!

Limited to the first 5 registrants! ($300 value!) This is a bonus for the first two people to purchase the weekend website program. It’s my reward to those of you who are ready to take an opportunity when it comes.


Get a free ticket to our 1-day workshop on how to create your movement. We will be offering the workshop 3 times across the country. Join us at our live event to learn & network & get inspired in one of our 3 event locations.

Website 101
training module

The Website 101 Module is my introduction to website content. It covers EVERYTHING you will learn in the Weekend Website with an overview of each page. While it’s just a very light appetizer, it will set the stage so you can dig into the “real meat” (or tofu, if that’s what you’re into) of the course itself.

Website Critique
before you get ahead of yourself, tell me about Price.

To hire me to write (or rewrite your website) can cost anywhere from $7,000-$10,000. It’s a steep price that not everyone can afford. That’s why I wanted to make the price of the weekend website very affordable. You can learn my entire copywriting process plus learn how to easily implement your copy and put it online when you sign up for the Renegade Weekend Website today for the price of $1,097. But we’ve made it even more affordable, choose from any of the below payments. Pay in full ($1,0975) or pay in 3 installments ($397 each). Your choice.

Q: What about Return on Investment?

A: I can’t guarantee you a return on investment. (And I won’t.) What I can guarantee is that I will teach you all the secrets I’ve learned and give you all the tools I use to create website copy that will help you stand out, attract clients, and turn those clients into brand advocates and enthusiasts. I can also tell you that many of my past students who have taken the course have recouped their investment very quickly.

Yes, you are making a financial investment. But think about how much money you’re likely losing by not having ANY web presence, or worse, having a website that doesn’t reflect who you really are. How many new clients will it take to pay for your new web copy?

Ask yourself this question: "Is it worth it to NOT invest ONLY $200 a month for six months plus one weekend of my life to create a website that stands out, gets me excited about my own business, helps attract clients, and makes me money?" To me it’s kind of a no-brainer.

Q: What if I want to book a 45-minute copy hot-seat with you?

A: Another great question. Actually, when I first told someone about this program they mentioned this was a necessity for them if they were to take the course. I know many of you will want the chance to work 1-on-1 with me AFTER the program, just to make sure that you’ve struck the right chord with your copy.

It’s why we’ve created a special opportunity to pre-purchase a hot seat with me (at almost $200 off my regular consultation prices). If you’re interested, you can make that purchase after you sign up for the program.

Q: I want a big ol' fat guarantee.

A: OK, here you go. Ask any of my clients and they’ll tell you the same thing. "Copy is not a spectator sport."

So here’s my guarantee: If you show up to every call on day 1... If you do all the writing exercises... if you ask questions during the Q&A… and after all of that you feel that the program isn’t worthwhile, simply email me at the end of day 1, and I’ll give you a refund.



Here’s a
little secret:

If you’ve ever spent time on my website, you’ll notice that I have used the EXACT SAME TECHNIQUES to write it that I plan on teaching you in this program.

Which of course,
leaves you with 2 options

1)You can spend a lot of time analyzing how I did it.

2)You can sign up for my course and have me teach you how you can apply the same process to YOUR business.

So that's the deal

Why am I sharing this with you? Because I didn’t create this course just to teach you, but also to show you a good time.

Writing copy is a fun process. It might seem painful or scary at the outset, but like anything else, once you learn the basics BEHIND it, it gets easier. In fact, it even becomes fun. And the more comfortable you get with the writing process, the more confidence you’ll develop about how to talk about yourself, your business, and your services.

Stop stressing over your website. Just get it done already.


Sign up today and get:

• The Renegade Website Overview Call
• 6 Curriculum Calls (Approximately 6 hours of content)
• Over 7 hours of Q&A Call Time
• 6 Renegade Writing Sessions
• The Renegade Website Template

Plus these bonuses:

• The Renegade Website Questionnaire/Checklist ($197 value)
• Ready to Write Mindset mp3 download ($147 value)
• The Renegade Q&A Hotline ($47 value) 
• Access to the exclusive facebook forum (priceless)
• Squeeze Page Overview ($197)
• SEO Cheat Sheet ($47)
• Designing for Renegades ( $97)

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